A real-world case

Given a real problem to solve, can you do it entirely with free software? Well; as an example, I have produced a CD of a historic recording entirely using Linux and free software. That is I have done the digitization, cleaning up of the sound (which on 75 year-old recordings is a fairly major process), burning the CD's; and generating the artwork and the booklet without using any commercial software. For more information about this see my acoustic Princess Ida page, within my Gilbert and Sullivan pages.

There is also a general guide to transferring 78's to modern media.

How to use the USB interface of a Canon PowerShot S20

Despite Canon's attitude to releasing specifications, this is an excellent camera. However there is very little documentation on how to confiugre the various tools to use it (in some cases describing the documentation as minimal would be generous).

I have therefore put together a brief description of the programs and libraries needed and how to get and build them. While the description is of what I had to do for an S20, other PowerShot models should be similar; and even for completely different cameras, it may offer some guidance

Writing DVD video

This is a brief guide to writing DVD video. The main purpose is to indicate which tools you need and a minimal subset of how to use them. The emphasis is on converting recordings made with a digital camcorder into DVD videos (on DVD+R(W) media).

A simple USB permissions Daemon

The USB permissions daemon is obsolete, use hotplug instead. Here are some notes on how to do the same things using hotplug.

The background image on this page is a greyscale version of Tux the penguin by Larry Ewing.

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